Last chance to get senpai to notice me. Better make it good.

Last chance because last episode. I couldn’t help myself.

(I own a lot of shark stuff… I really like sharks.)

This is my favorite Nitori thing on the face of the planet.

( I couldn’t resist Q v Q” )


I really wanted to gif reply like right now but its so late so I just riffled through what I had. I found something that looked stunned. It’ll have to do-



saying women shouldn’t be allowed to get abortions because they were the ones who had unprotected sex is like saying smokers shouldn’t receive treatment for lung cancer or drivers shouldn’t receive treatment in a car crash because they knew the risks when they got a driving license

I think it’s safe to say you’re probably smarter than a lot of the government.

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What’s the problem?

I should think it’s pretty dang obvious…

Look at the upper-right corner of the bottom pic. Yeah. What’s that about, huh? —LBD


can we start a club for teenagers who were constantly complimented on their intelligence when they were younger and are now having trouble coping with the realization that they’re actually of average intellect at best


you either loved the catcher in the rye with a burning passion and it touched your soul and holden caulfield was you in high school or you despised that book and threatened to burn it and holden caulfield was a whiny little bitch there’s literally no in between

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✖ Slang ✖


I gathered all the slang I know in one post. Here you go~


ネット netto - short for インターネット (intaanetto) internet

ネカマ nekama - a combination of the words ネット(netto - internet) and おかま (okama - gay person); a man who pretends to be a female on the internet



Imagine Carlos’s family back home ringing him up and telling them that they did a little rooting around, and they love Cecil’s little ‘comedy show.’ To which Carlos just gives a nervous giggle, watching the recovering Khoshekh hovering feebly over the carpet while Cecil is whistling as he boards up the windows to keep out the Glow Cloud on its bi-weekly march through the town.

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